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    Help us make a light and unifying series


    What 's waiting for us in the first season of the White Race series?



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    How many white people remain on the planet?


    How many white people in percentage terms do you think remain on the whole planet?

    Think, answer, and remember. You will see the right answer below

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    In our series we will tell you


    What kind of teaching Vanga talked about. It contains the foundations of the universe, a unique philosophy that motivates, unites, delights and pleasantly surprises you


    «Mankind will survive many natural and public disasters, turbulent events. Human consciousness will gradually change. Hard times will come; people will be segregated by faith. An ancient teaching will come into the world and all religions will disappear! It will cover the earth with white color, and thanks to it people will be saved. The new teaching will come from Rus.»


    — Vanga, Clairvoyant

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Help us make a light and unifying series

What 's waiting for us in the first season of the White Race series?

How many white people remain on the planet?

How many white people in percentage terms do you think remain on the whole planet?  Think, answer, and remember. You will see the right answer below!

The series was made to bring sober-minded people together!

Only sound messages – family, kids, honor, conscience, and justice. No filth, miscegenation, advocacy of violence, smoking, alcohol and drugs...
And unique knowledge and philosophy will help realize the spiritual and energy potential of each of us and the planet as a whole.




Svarog Day - common sense and unity with nature - helped People from the planet Daaria activate 100% of the brain, revealing all spiritual and energy potential. From that moment, all that previously seemed to be science fiction, mysticism and magic, became available to them.


Soon they learned that in the universe there are many planets - Earths inhabited by people.
Advanced civilizations greeted them as Brothers, others as Gods.


They observed how prosperous planets, being under the influence of low frequencies, turned into dead deserts, or were captured. And their population was turned into slaves!


Wishing to help their brothers, people of Daaria started an experiment in reviving the planets and civilizations called “The White Race” which has been going on for more than 10.000 years on Midgard Earth. Seven peoples from planet-earths participate in it.
What is this going to lead to?

In our series we will tell you

What kind of teaching Vanga talked about. It contains the foundations of the universe, a unique philosophy that motivates, unites, delights and pleasantly surprises you!

«Mankind will survive many natural and public disasters, turbulent events. Human consciousness will gradually change. Hard times will come; people will be segregated by faith. An ancient teaching will come into the world and all religions will disappear! It will cover the earth with white color, and thanks to it people will be saved. The new teaching will come from Rus.»

— Vanga, Clairvoyant


Itil, 965 — Introduction

Rootless invaders captured Khazar Kaganat.  Prince Svyatoslav, having united caring people, destroyed the Rootless...

Pereyaslavl, 965 - Meeting

Daaric Vedoslav told Prince Svyatoslav that in the future Darkness had enveloped Midgard Earth. The Rootless had captured almost the whole world similarly to Khazar Kaganate...

Daaria, 919 - The Beginning

Who is Vedoslav, how the Daarians activated 100% of the brain, what they are doing on Midgard Earth, and how 7 peoples appeared with different color of eyes and skin...

Daaria, 919 - Experiment

The clan sent Vedoslav to the future, so that he would prepare the planet for the Svarog Morning, having written a teaching that would unite all nations and help people activate spiritual and energy potential…

919–2020 - Moving

Key events that Vedoslav had seen over 1100 years...

Kiev, 2020 - Dark Times

Low-frequency Rootless do not want the arrival of the Svarog Morning, medleying the peoples and keeping them in fear. Vedoslav conveyed the ancient teaching to Katya and promised to return…

Daaria 936 – Homecoming

Vedoslav ponders how to help people of the future! Mother’s wise advice helped him in this...

Pereyaslavl 965 - Meeting

Svyatoslav, seeing a shameful future, went to the aid of descendants who lost faith in justice...

Kiev, 2020 - Changes

Vedoslav and Svyatoslav arrived in 2020 to help people...



In 988, the culmination of the Svarog Night began. The earth had finally come under the influence of low energies!
Schumann’s frequency dropped sharply and remained unchanged for 1008 years: from 988 to 1996 - 7.80 Hz


And here is what science says about this:
The physics of low-energy space negatively affects all aspects of human life, leads to degradation and degeneration. The stay of people in the field of low energies did not pass without a trace. The degradation of society is evident.


And the worst part is that with the approach of Svarog Morning, multicultural hybridization (miscegenation) imposed by the Rootless began, which not only destroys the identity of the genus of each of the parents, but also makes their “cross-bred” offsprings vulnerable to the planet’s entrance into the high-frequency space. The nature does not forgive such things! That is why the Rootless themselves so violently watch the purity of the blood of their people. This and their unity are the only thing we must learn from them in order to help ourselves, help them and the entire planet to live as sober-minded people deserve it.
Detailed information about what the miscegenation is leading to and what danger it represents shall appear on our website ... We just do not have time to prepare everything, your help is very necessary! In the 1980s, our planet began to emerge from the low-energy region and is returning home to the high-energy space.
Schumann's frequency jumped up sharply:


2000  — 9,30 Hz,

2007  — 9,80 Hz,

2012  — 11,10 Hz,

2013  — 13,74 HZ,

2014  — 16,50 Hz,

2017  — 36,21 Hz,

2019  — 81,30 Hz,


And here is what science says about this:
A person who does not increase his/her vibration, one way or another dooms himself/herself to leaving the plane of the Earth soon. And alas, we already see confirmation of this gloomy statement of scientists - more and more people dye in heart attack and blood stroke scenarios. It is because the blood vessels are subject to the most devastating blow as a result of the difference in frequencies.


That is why the low-frequency Rootless have activated all their primitive technocratic potential! They built HAARP and invest huge resources in the Hadron Collider Cern, telling people that they are conducting scientific research that is useful to us and to the entire planet. In fact, they are desperately trying to keep the planet under the influence of low frequencies. And we, in unawareness, help them, losing in the information war. Puppet media by means of Cinema, Serial films, Television broadcast to us that enemies are everywhere – Russians are enemies to Ukrainians, Americans are enemies to Russians... and so on around the world. Everyone came up with enemies, which are, most often, neighbors. They scare us with terrorist attacks, overpopulation, global warming, ozone holes, killer meteorites, nuclear and bacteriological threats, inflation, and crises. They force us to put up with total injustice and a social abyss... They are promoting violence, abortion, filth miscegenation, alcohol and drugs....


Add to this wars, environmental pollution, killing of billions of animals, fish and birds, mountains of corpses and oceans of maternal tears. All this causes people to feel: Fear, Feelings of guilt, Grief, Bitterness, Anger, Hatred, Neglect, Annoyance!  Unwittingly, we cultivate these low-frequency vibrations - by the power of thought, by action and by failure to act, turning into billions of low-frequency batteries that destroy themselves and all living!


Svarog Day - ancient teaching and unique philosophy!  They bring an exceptionally kind and bright message...


Isn't it wonderful when people instead of degradation and low frequencies will develop themselves comprehensively while staying at high frequencies, increasing the vibrations of those around them and the planet as a whole?


The world has changed - the transitional phases of the onset of Svarog Day have begun. Official science - facts and discoveries of scientists. Amazing information below...




1900 year


1950 year


2000 year


2020 year




Only we are able to organize, make comfortable and protect it! Men! First of all, I am appealing to us, it is time to take the initiative in our own hands and restore order on our earth...
We must have sound goals and global interests that we can pursue with the full force of our physical and mental power.

There is nothing that could unite us in the parasitic world - there all the good things achieved go into the bottomless abyss of parasitism. Predatory egoism and black envy, the lack of prospects and the theory of the successful ones and losers, which separates people, are flourishing in us. The Rootless, printing paper (money), impose on us that it (the paper) is a measure of success and by paper we will judge who is better or worse?

In this system, where, working honestly and selling our souls, freedom, resources and our labor for paper, we will never become more successful than human vermins printing money.
Can it be that it is so easy to fool us?

“Neither intellect, nor truth,
   no real strength,
   not a single living idea.
   So, what means do they rule us with?.."
— Vasily Shukshin

Resist the temptation of separation and disunion

What is to be done with this cultivated upbringing of separation and disunion of people, which originates in our childhood and is imposed by parasites?
It is very simple - we need to be proud of ourselves. I understand that for many of you it is an unprecedented audacity to respect yourself, your nation and other people. That is precisely the plan of our common struggle with the parasitic system that they are trying to instill in us.

Together we are stronger, smarter, more diversified and will become successful in all areas. Be proud of your ancestors and your nation, together contribute to the development of a cultural healthy society. We, like our ancestors, are capable of spiritual feats, stamina and heroism. Be proud of each person and do not be indifferent to his/her fate. Be proud of the past of your people, but do not live on it, let us together:

“Make the present brighter than the brightest future...”
— Ivanuh Brothers

Together and now we will begin the changes! 

Be proud, feeling in doing so that you are involved in the development of your kin, nation, planet and the universe. Together we will build a world in which honor and conscience rule. May everyone remember us and our generation as creators, gods.

Create in order to proudly look into the eyes of your ancestors and with a smile into the happy faces of the children. We are the creative force of civilization, creators and gods all in one. We are the most perfect creation, we are the unique indispensable value of this planet. Be proud of yourself, respect yourself and other people.

Our goals:

Through the series and the Organization, we will bring unique knowledge to the people.

To give and find answers to Global questions, the purpose of which is to obtain true knowledge about people, the planet and the universe;

To tell White people about the threat of our extinction.

According to statistics, only 5-6% of us are left on the planet;

Having united, by joint efforts to stop the genocide and extinction of White people.

Establish an organization for Protection and Development of White People.

Tell about increase in vibration frequency of the Earth.

This phenomenon was known to our ancestors as the Svarog Day, science calls it the Quantum Transition.
Details are here


Increase the vibration frequencies of people and the planet as a whole:

Kindness, Love, Happy Families, Children, Good Health, Spiritual Strength, Honor, Conscience, Courage, Science and Biotechnology. Comprehensive development of people to realize spiritual and energy potential of each of us and of the planet as a whole.


We oppose everything that lowers the vibrations of people and the planet:

Environmental pollution, Killing of animals, Fear, Anger, Quarrel, Grief, Alcohol, Drugs, Miscegenation, Filth and Violence.


Awake people and, having united, restore order on our planet!


Build a new, living in harmony with nature, progressive, healthy society of creators.

The widespread introduction of new natural biotechnologies...





Most media belong to parasites, who promote filth, violence, miscegenation, alcohol, drugs, smoking and other dirt. Keeping us in fear, they manipulate our consciousness; impose false values, religions, turning us into low-frequency submissive biorobots.




Start winning the information war. Create mass media: movies, series, cartoons, which will be based on sound messages that increase vibration frequency of people. Family values, good comprehensively developing programs.





Parasite puppets, who represent interests of their masters, not the people. Eternal stories that one must be patient, that they are not to blame for the fact that most people in their own land lead a miserable existence, everything is to blame, but not the power. Elections without a choice!




Establish a political party. One across all continents, which, having won in different countries, will unite them into a single monolith, real actions for the benefit of the present and of the future.



It will unite caring people in all countries, cities and villages.

Communicate, make friends, get acquainted, create families, support and help each other. Be kinder, more sociable, more united – being friends is not difficult. Set an example for future generations. We are one people, brothers and sisters, irrespective of whether you are from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Australia, Germany, America, England, France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia or from other countries. We are only 6% left, wake up and join!

People associations
Family and kids
Science, inventions
Senior citizens
Mysticism and fantastic fiction - theories
Social programs
Organization Financing

Unfortunately, now we are losing on all fronts!  It is in our power to change everything, there are a lot of us and we will do it.

“There are a lot of good people, but most think that nothing can be fixed alone, as a result, billions do nothing...”
— White Race series

By joint efforts we will make a gorgeous series, translate it into all languages of the world, set up an organization, and instead of this website - a huge portal. Filling these and adding new items - we will realize them. Everyone will contribute to our organization. Living true to good conscience, starting a family with many children you already help us, and we will come to help you.  You should know - you are not alone…




Our world and we are changing...
The transitional phases of the onset of Svarog Day began.

Magnetar SGR 1806-20

From a distance of 50,000 light-years, an incredible amount of gamma radiation came to us.


Sagittarius A* Milky Way

With a beam accuracy of up to a hundred millionth of a degree, a new gamma flux came to us.


Rejuvenated Sun

A BREAK appeared in the Earth’s magnetic field for many hours and a solar wind started blowing to the Earth.


Black hole M87

A powerful flow of energy has come to us. There happened a forced reconnection of the magnetic field lines of the Earth and M87.


On January 6-7, 2020, a unique, hitherto unknown to scientists, event occurred - cut opening of the polar ionosphere (a break in the Earth’s magnetic field). People, as well as the planet, were subject to gamma radiation of tremendous power.

Is this a coincidence? Judge for yourselves…

From different points of the universe, with perfect accuracy, energy flows were directed towards us, a slight deviation of which, in the distance or power, could destroy all life on the Earth. On December 21, 2019, scientists watched for the first time how the Sun was rejuvenated, and it was this event that allowed the Sun and M87 to carry out surgically accurate incision into the ionosphere of the Earth.

How did the ancestors know when all this will happen?

The fact is that the places from which these energy flows were sent are so far from the Earth that it is incorrect to talk about them in real time. Now astronomers simply record processes that occurred there long before our days. However, this does not alter the particularity of the fact - the waves continue to flow.

Transitional phases that have already begun:

- Comprehensive and global cleanup of the old energy plan.

This is what caused that same reconnection! Everywhere, magnetic flux began to be established with new properties and field gradients. Including in our organisms (brain).

-Change in human DNA. Mutagenic effect of gamma radiation.

Under the influence of elementary particles flux, coming from outer space, the molecular composition of human DNA changes.

More information about the Initial stages, as well as links to official sources, will be in our social networking sites. We have not added the full version to this information site, since there is no way to leave comments... Let's work together to set up an up-to-date convenient portal, with translations into the main languages of the world.

This is only the beginning, there will be more new and much more amazing transitional phases of Svarog Day. You will learn about them in our White Race series.




Financial aid

For high-quality shooting of the White Race series. Full season - 10 episodes;

For replacing this site with a huge portal with comments, online voting, a social network with translations into the main languages of the world;

For distribution of information to the largest possible audience;

For setting up and development of an international Organization;



BitCoin Cash


BitCoin SV


BitCoin Gold














Personal assistance

Video editing, announcers, translators into the main languages of the world, SEO promotion, programmers, lawyers - registration of the international company. Scientists, inventors, teachers, public figures, activists. We welcome everyone who is ready to help...




Together we will make our website and organization better.
looking forward to your wishes and suggestions.

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